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How Winter Beauty Routines Differ Around the World

As previously written for and published by FASHION magazine. Ever look out your office window, mid-winter, and feel a sinking sense of blah? Why is it dark enough to be cocktail hour at… Continue reading

How to get the Best DIY Manicure

Sure, shellac is great; it lasts forever and has a thick, beautifully glossy finish. But guess what? You can achieve that fresh-from-the-salon look at home with these awesome tricks and tools while avoiding… Continue reading

Kérastase PARIS Introduces Custom Treatments with the Innovative Fusio-Dose

Back in 2011, Kérastase PARIS blazed the way for bespoke hair care with their customized, stylist-mixed super-concentrates. fast forward to today, and the brand new Fusio-Dose tailor-made treatments are nothing short of cutting… Continue reading