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Five Summer Scents Perfect for Warm Weather

As previously written for and published by HOLR Magazine. Ahhh, summer! Sunshine, sangria sipped patio-side, blue skies and picnics in the park are just some of the perks we have the pleasure of… Continue reading

An Endless Summer: The Fragrance Edit

As previously written for and published by The Lifestyle Edit. Misting on a bright citrus scent instantly energizes and uplifts, while a mellow, smoky pick makes you want to take off all your… Continue reading

Quintessentially British Perfumer Jo Malone Launches Stunningly Artistic Limited Collection, The Bloomsbury Set

As previously written for and published by Style Nest UK. There is hardly anything more inspiring than the English countryside — The Bloomsbury group, comprised of some of the most influential philosophers, artists,… Continue reading

Jo Malone’s Christmas 2016 Collection is Magically Mischievous

As previously written for and published by Style Nest UK. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, quintessential British favourite fragrance maker Jo Malone’s transcendent scents will surely top your Christmas wish list. Creating… Continue reading

10 warm winter fragrances that will make you feel hot, even when you’re freezing

As previously written and published for FASHION magazine. Scarves, parkas and mittens hardly evoke a feeling of sexiness, but keeping warm in the frosty February chill is paramount to, well, pretty much anything,… Continue reading

Winter Fragrance To Sex Up Your Scent

There’s not a lot of sexy images that come to mind when conjuring up winter: parkas, pale skin, holiday chub… ick! Thankfully, our olfactory senses are treated to extra-sexy and enticing scents in the… Continue reading

Alexander Wang is KILLING IT Right Now

Kate Moss. Cara Delevingne. Jennifer Lawrence. Lupita Nyong’o. What do all these women have in common? An ‘It Girl’ status, catapulting them to the top of their social tiers and prompted the king… Continue reading

Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica Perfume: the Sexiest Bouquet of Roses This Valentine’s Day

Roses for Valentine’s Day are equal parts predictable and necessary – representing love and romance, a bouquet of red roses is the most traditional way to say “I love you”. Symbolizing beauty and… Continue reading