Winter Fragrance To Sex Up Your Scent

There’s not a lot of sexy images that come to mind when conjuring up winter: parkas, pale skin, holiday chub… ick! Thankfully, our olfactory senses are treated to extra-sexy and enticing scents in the frigid months: deeper, more provocative fragrances are far more appropriate as summer calls for lighter, fruiter and greener notes. So spritz away and scent yourself sexy with these warm, sultry picks.


Tom Ford Sahara Noir
Housed in a sleek gold ridged bottle, Sahara Noir is “inspired by the mystery and luxury of the Middle East”; there are few things sexier than desert heat and Middle-Eastern exoticism, which are alluringly evoked in this gorgeous perfume.

Prada Amber
Far ingredients smell more inviting that warm, sensual amber. Prada’s boldly blended it with patchouli, bergamot, vanilla, sandalwood and rose absolute and practically bottled the scent of sexiness with their Prada Amber perfume.

Jo Malone Nutmeg and Ginger
Images of cookies may come to mind when picturing nutmeg and ginger, but savoury scents can be deeply enticing and captivating. Master perfumer Jo Malone deliciously combines sandalwood, cedarwood, and of course, nutmeg and ginger to create a tremendously tempting fragrance.


Diptyque Eau Duelle
Diptyque candles famously (and gorgeously) scent the houses and hotel rooms of nearly every celebrity on the planet, and everyone from Victoria Beckham to the Olsen Twins to the Victoria’s Secret models praise and insist on Diptyque and only Diptyque. Their personal scents are just as unforgettable, and their warm, deep, rich, spicy and smoky Eau Duelle is an all-time winter favourite.

Creed Tabarome Millesime
Hand crafting elixirs since the 1700’s exclusively for royalty, the Creed family carries on its traditional and labour-intense technique for modern day folk now, too (albeit wealthy ones; a bottle will set you back several hundred). Tabarome Millesime was created for a British Statesman who had a penchant for brandy and tobacco and craved a scent to evoke these luxuries. The result is sexy, smoky and will undeniably make you feel like royalty when  wearing.