Spring Fling Skin: Part One

Ok, we can’t be the only ones who are SO. SICK. OF. WINTER. Those college professors sure had the right idea giving us a Reading Week — which we used diligently and did lots of reading over, obviously. Did we mention that our reading was done en route somewhere (anywhere!) sunny? And maybe even on the beach once or twice when we were feeling extra scholarly?

Beautiful beach and sea

The point is, escaping the ever dipping temperatures (c’mon, Toronto. Isn’t -22 enough?!) is as necessary as champagne and cake on your birthday. So now that we’re all clear and you’ve booked a plane, train or automobile ticket somewhere South, let us help you prep for your trip, because let’s be real: half the fun is always getting ready.


Nothing says winter like dry, flaky, pasty skin — ghastly, no? Step one in nixing dullness is a good scrub. Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish is as yummy as it sounds: gently exfoliating skin with — you guessed it — real brown sugar crystals, this scrub smells and feels supremely divine. Start at your toes and work your way up in circular motions, buffing away all signs of dull, dry skin. Invigorating, revitalizing and brightening ingredients, like a cocktail of precious oils and ginseng root, leave you with the smoothest skin you’ve ever had in your life.


So, looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost on the beach can make you feel a little less than sexy. No need to go overboard and into Snooki circa Jersey Shore territory, but a little boost in glow sure never hurt when your skin hasn’t seen lick of sunshine since… yeah, we can’t remember either. St. Tropez, tanning authority (just when we thought we couldn’t love the line any more, Kate Moss came into the picture looking all bronzy and perfect and made us swoon on a whole other level) has definitely got you covered.

After a good scrub, your skin will surely be happy to drink up some nourishment, and St. Tropez has cleverly concocted a beautifully moisturizing cream that does all the work for you: their Gradual Tan Everyday Body smooths and soothes skin while simultaneously adding a subtle boost of bronze. Conveniently available in two shades, customize your colour without putting any work in; simply sweep on this enriched moisturizer and watch the magic happen in a few short days.


No cellulite in sight? You must either be 12 years old or one of the very few lucky bitches who hit the genetic jackpot. For the rest of us, there’s Rodial’s Super Fit Size Zero. Those cheeky Brits (pun definitely intended) have graced our bums — and anywhere/everywhere else on the body — with this light yet rich cream that effectively tones the skin. Noticeably reducing surface irregularities (read: lumps and bumps) by encouraging the reduction of stubborn fatty deposits and water retention, this delightfully rose and citrus scented lotion leaves you sleek and soft-skinned.

Your face needs attention, too! But a deep, harsh treatment can often do more harm than good on more-delicate-than-usual winter skin. Feel good favourite brand Lush saves the day and our faces with their Mask of Magnaminty; delivering that deep down, tingly clean while imparting that elusive fresh-faced glow, this is their self-proclaimed “ultimate face mask”, and we will attest to that statement wholeheartedly. Formulated with deep-reaching China clay and fresh peppermint to seriously degunk pores and fairly large sized pieces of aduki beans exfoliate, this peppy mask leaves skin squeaky clean. But because it’s also packed with nourishing Vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe, skin feels refreshed and conditioned, truly making this the real ultimate mask.


Just like your body, your face can benefit from a hit of bronzy glow. And just like their Gradual Tan Everyday Body, St. Tropez’s Self Tan Bronzing Lotion Face combines skin care benefits with a tint. A light lotion specifically designed for delicate skin on the face, this tinted lightweight cream is super easy to apply as you can see where it’s going. Pleasantly scented and readily absorbed, this non-pore clogging formula leaves skin sun kissed and very natural looking. Tip: run a wet Q-tip over eyebrows after application, especially if yours are a little lighter.