Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Crystals and Reiki

As previously written for and published by HOLR Magazine.

Many are making room in their traditional Western medicine practices for a little Eastern flair; astrology is nothing new, but there seems to be a little extra magic stirring in the air these days. In the beauty world, Provence Apothecary has just introduced a Gua Sha Facial Lift Organic Facial, which uses an ancient Chinese Medicine method that incorporates scraping three different types of crystals across the face for a myriad of benefits from encouraging lymphatic drainage to lifting and sculpting the skin. Each crystal is chosen for a reason: dark green nephrite helps promote abundance, calmness and security, while rose quartz is great for around the delicate eye area and helps promote lymph drainage. It also possesses properties that promote love, forgiveness and compassion. Finally, rainbow fluorite has lots of surfaces, making is a dynamic tool for working on adhesions in the fascia and helps promote grounding.

Image courtesy of vogue.com

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