Better Together: Some Stuff’s Just Meant to Be

There are many examples of perfect pairings: a tall glass of chilled milk and warm, gooey cookies; a juicy, tender filet mignon and a glass (or bottle!) of rich red wine; a fresh, frothy, strong cappuccino and a crunchy, chocolatey biscotti. But there are many other things in this world, apart from tasty, complimentary foods, that pair up perfectly and are truly better together.

Over time, as my beauty obsession went from immense interest to full-blown addiction, I started pairing products and routines, too. For example, I have gleefully discovered my go-to squeaky clean-feeling face wash, Shiseido Foaming Cleansing Fluid, feels soooooo much better when paired with the ultimate deep-down cleaning device, the Clarisonic.


Other beauty-pairing delights I’ve discovered? Nars bronzer in Laguna, which is just deep enough to give you a healthy glow, boosts your complexion into I-just-finished-a-three-day-juice-cleanse territory when Nars’ cult classic Orgasm blush is swirled onto the apples of your cheeks overtop. I adored Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lipstick in its limited edition shade, Mythic, on its own; it was a creamy, sexy nude hue that after swiping a pop of nude-y pink lipgloss over – Smashbox’s Lip Enhancing Gloss in Afterglow – I loved so much the tube was finished in mere months.


There are other makeup pairing musts, like eyeshadow primer before colour (I love Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and prepping lashes with a serum before mascara for an ultra-bold fringe (nothing beats Dior’s Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum). But these seem more like steps in a routine and less like discovering you love a beloved product more when married and living happily ever after with another beloved product; this is far more extraordinary and exciting.

Much like when I met and fell in love with the milk to my cookies, my adoring and perfect fiancé Travis. As much as it thrills me to enjoy two products even more so when paired up, no lipstick/gloss combo makes me happier, feel luckier, more supported, dreamier and more special than the way he makes me feel. This must be real – I know I’ve found my true love when he smiles and lets me gush about how much better this perfume smells when mixed with that lotion; he really loves me for me (even in all my beauty looniness) and we are truly better together.

Travis helping me strap up some KILLER YSL's at our engagement party; I'd be nothing without him! Better Together Forever.

Travis helping me strap up some KILLER YSL’s at our engagement party; I’d be nothing without him! Better Together Forever.