Spring Fling Skin: Part Two

VACATION TIME! YASSSSSSS! Is pretty much the only thought you’ll have while soaking up the sun and completely disregarding the caloric count of that delicious and enormous frozen cocktail beachside. Not to worry — swimming burns tons of calories. A carefree attitude and laissez-faire schedule is only amplified in enjoyment when you realize you have allllllll the time in the world to beautify, pamper and prance around prior to a night out. Pop a bottle of bubbly (psssst: cava is a delicious and cheerfully cheap alternative to the real thing and your BF/BFF will probably never know the difference!) put on some tunes and get gorgeously glowing with these sun-seeking beauty partners in crime.



Wouldn’t it be a delight if you could breeze out the door in the morning, fresh-faced, UV-sheilded and ready to go before your vacation pal has even finished their coffee? Bonus for you if there’s a pastry shop around the corner for you to snatch up the last pain au chocolat to enjoy! Alors, a sunny day requires a few extra steps in your AM routine.

That is, until Dermalogica introduced their Solar Defense Booster SPF50. Designed to eliminate that extra step, this lightweight sunscreen supplement adds full spectrum UVA and UVB protection by getting mixed right in to your regular moisturizer or foundation. Seamless blending into skin invisibly, your skin will also get a mega dose of anti-aging benefits thanks to its ability to fight damaging free radicals.


Similarly, Fresh’s Peony Brightening UV Shield Sunscreen SPF 50+ is the beautifying and skin saving multitasker you’ll never take a sunny vacation without again. When worked into clean skin, this little wonder cream simultaneously brightens and hydrates while providing serious sun protection. Effectively erasing dark spots and hyper pigmentation while preventing further damage, your skin will be gorgeous today, tomorrow and always.

We can’t be the only ones who hate painstakingly packing liquids: pouring your $140 Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo into a 3oz travel size bottle is a heart-stopping task — even spilling one drop can cause spilled tears. Enter Lush’s absolutely genius Solid Shampoo Bars. Offered in a variety of scents and formulas for different hair concerns, we say Karma Komba is a good bet for your sun soaked beach days. Delightfully scented essential oils of orange, pink and patchouli soothe your scalp and detangle ocean-knotted hair while imparting a gorgeous, fresh scent. Equally genius? The tin Lush specifically designed to keep the bar intact both in the shower and in your suitcase.

Our skin never burns because we’re smart, care about UV damage (it’s so harmful and ugly!) and keep Dermalogica’s and Fresh’s amazing multi-tasking skin protectors on us at all times. But that doesn’t mean a soothing, cooling face gel doesn’t feel deliciously delightful on skin that been exposed to the elements. When your skin needs a shot of cooling comfort, there is no better pick than The Body Shop’s Aloe Soothing Face Gel. Non-greasy, never sticky and ultra light with its gel texture, this Fair Trade organic aloe vera gel soothes sensitive skin and is perfect for smoothing over your entire face, neck and décolletage for a boost in calming moisture.


You will more than likely find Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment in every single makeup artist’s bag as well as on any beauty girl in the know’s vanity; it’s simply the most deliciously hydrating balm on earth. It packs a winning combination of gorgeous texture, addictive, sophisticated citrus flavour, instant and long term results. With moisture-preserving sugar, nourishing precious oils, antioxidant-rich polyphenols, and essential SPF protection, this stuff is an all-around must have for daytime sun protection and evening time moisture, and shine and tint.

Just like their insanely clever solid shampoo bar, Lush graces our limbs with a solid moisturizing massage bar. Magically melting into skin, the Each Peach bar deeply hydrates skin with avocado and mango kernel butters and Fair Trade cocoa butter and shea butter. Luxuriously gliding over skin, this bright, citrusy bar feels great to use and leaves skin soft and smooth.

For a night out, spritz exposed skin with The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. Available in two shades, this tan-enhancing, non-greasy moisture-drenching dry oil enhances a tan and makes skin positively, luminously glow.

If you’re looking for a skin enhancing product that goes above and beyond, Bliss’ newest addition to the FatGirlSlim line Hide and Glow Sleek will end your search for good. The easy to use aerosol format evenly distributes a glowy, bronzy tinted body spray and easily reaches even the trickiest places. Light diffusers instantly camouflage skin imperfections immediately, while powerful peptides and caffeine smooth and firm skin with continuous use over time. If that isn’t enough, luxe and ultra-nourishing maracuja oil and vitamin E soften skin, and the formula dries lickety spilt, meaning it won’t smudge on your new Opening Ceremony tangerine mini dress.


The best thing about being on holiday is that it shows all over your face: you look more relaxed, radiant and happy, meaning you need less products to enhance your natural glow. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a little something to boost your complexion. Cargo’s got you covered with their new and already wait-listed Contour Palettes. Malibu, the peachier, warmer palette, is perfect for yellow-undertoned medium+ complexions, while Monaco, the pinker palette, is great for warming lighter toned skin. Both feature three embossed powders that expertly take the guess work out of applying what where: contour is for the brushing over hollows of the face, cheek goes on the apples of your cheeks, and highlight is for sweeping over the high planes of the face. Eliminating the need to pack any other face makeup, this all in one beautifully blends everything you need into one gorgeous palette. Bonus: this powder lasted all. Night. Long. We’re talking night out dancing in a sub-tropical climate. So trust us, pack this on your sunny holiday and enjoy your vacation, beauties!