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Your Spring Skincare Guide

As previously written for and published by Fitness First magazine. Spring is in the air! The sun is shining, the breeze is warm and gentle, and you’re ready to come out of your… Continue reading

Eating the Rainbow the Right Way

As previously written for and published by Body + Soul. It’s no secret that eating a balanced and healthful diet includes every colour of the rainbow and then some — don’t forget about… Continue reading

Your Skincare Routine’s New Stars

As previously written for and published by Fitness First magazine. There are inarguably many important products in your skincare lineup — eye cream to ensure the delicate orbital skin stays hydrated and wrinkle… Continue reading

If You’re Going to Work Out With Your Makeup on, Here’s the Right Way to do it

As previously written for and published by Fitness First magazine. Certain situations call for specific looks — a glamorous red lip looks perfectly in place at a swanky soirée; a deep, smoky eye… Continue reading

Holiday Party Eats: Do’s and Don’ts

Holiday party snacks are like a minefield for your waistline: step on (snack on) the wrong one, and you’ll blow up. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy options to keep you slim and… Continue reading

Stress Less: Top 6 Ways to Manage Stress

‘Tis the season… to lose sleep, breakout, feel irritable or react in plenty of other unpleasant ways when dealing with the highly stressful holiday season. This year, just like every other year, we’ll… Continue reading

Using Steam to Detox: Sweatin’ it all Out

Sundays are for sweating. Detox sweating, that is. There are an astonishing number of devotees who visit saunas and steam baths on the regular, claiming it’s the only way to truly purify both their… Continue reading

Spring Spa Trends

Do we ever need an excuse to visit the spa? Never! But let’s face it, that blissed out, whole-body mellow can be snatched away all too quickly in the February frost, making spring… Continue reading

Spring’s Hottest Fitness Trends

Work it out! Spring has a way of spurring new motivation when it comes to hitting the gym: perhaps the warmer weather and fewer layers remind us it’s time to get moving. Take… Continue reading

Go Fish!

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but not all are created equally when tallying up nutritional value. Clear the seaweed away and get a good look: here are the healthiest fish… Continue reading