DIY Home Beauty Fixes

The holiday season is heavy on giving, which can bring feelings of happiness and love that only generosity can stir up. As fantastic as the spirit of giving can be, that can sometimes spell out less time and cash to spoil yourself with, and sacrificing your monthly facial in December might just be a selflessly necessary move in order to score your BFF the new YSL glossy stain lipstick she’s been lusting after for months. Despite a smaller cash flow for beauty treatments, my regime has definitely not diminished, thanks to many tips and tricks I’ve picked up from places as far as the exotic islands of Cape Verde to the sophisticated, je ne sais quoi quality of France to the laid back cool of Australia. All four corners of the earth have collided in my kitchen to keep me feeling pretty and come January, I may just skip another spa trip (just don’t tell my facialist, ok?)

Greek beaches stunned me and took my breath away like no other coast in the world has been able to, and I happily frolicked in the Mediterranean Sea for the entirety of my time on the islands. This gave me a delicious, golden tan, and upon my return to the Great White North, parched, flaky skin. Greeks slather olive oil on their bodies, faces, hair, lips and use it for everything from shaving cream to makeup remover. I took this custom into practice and to this day use olive oil in lieu of a body moisturizer. It’s best absorbed while skin is damp, right after a shower.


Truth be told, I picked up this tip in Miami, but I’ve been told women all over the tropics from Asia to Africa use the gorgeously scented coconut oil as a hair treatment to help restore damage, prevent breakage and strengthen weakened hair. Coconut oil can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft than other oils and masks and has the ability to rebuild protein in hair. It smells like a dream and leaves hair smooth as silk.


Brazilians are truly obsessed with their fabulous figures, and the equally beautiful view of the beaches and envious physiques shoreside were solid proof of this. Brazilians enjoy strong coffee as much as beach time, and incidentally help maintain their figures with used coffee grounds. Caffeine can be found as a main ingredient in many cellulite treatments, and coffee grounds are a great way to really scrub and stimulate stubborn spots; this treatment encourages drainage and wakes up skin, leaving a smooth result you can feel good enough about to sport that Brazilian cut bottom.