Sephora X Nail Polish Tops Holiday Manicure Must Have

Sephora has been my beauty mecca for years; it’s my go-to for everything from serums to shampoo to styling products. Recently, I’m making any excuse I can to make my way through the chicly striped candy-esque doors and straight to the nail bar. Debuting their very own nail polish collection this season, Sephora X has the most innovative, on trend, avant-garde and wearable collections I can’t keep my hands off of.

formula x


Ten categories subsisting of five to 12 shades each are divided by classifications such as neutral, electric, sparkly or pearlescent. State of the art formulas and ingredients have been sourced out by their beauty experts from across the world and put into stylish, sleek little glass bottles that have an air of futuristic sophistication. Ingredients such as German micro-prismatic flecks and Japanese aluminum make your manicure extra special and completely authentic, and the truly long-wear water and detergent resistant formula that even offers UV protection will ensure your manicure will dazzle for days and days.