Top A/W 2014 Hair Trends You’ll Actually Wear

It truly feels as if the temperature and calendar Gods have teamed up to bring us a wholloping hit of winter at the first hint of November. Gone are the bronzy, lazy, hazy days of summer, and a welcome change of polish is ushered in as the mercury drops. As regimes shift, styles do too, and a few trends always seem to shine brighter than the rest. Thanks to a few runway heavy hitters, here’s A/W 2014’s trendiest way to wear your hair this season.

This look can be a intimating and seem a little far out to throw in the mix of your regular styling approach, but when badass Balmain, classic Dior, ever-chic Giambattista Valli and trend-setting Gucci and Prada present collections capped with wet-look locks, you know they’re on to something.  Balmain kept it simple and raked models’ hair straight back without zapping hair of volume or life, while Dior incorporated wet-look texture into a wavy style twisted into a bun. Giambattista Valli went all out wet-look slick, as did Gucci, while Prada took the style literally and left models looking like they had just stepped out of the shower, their messy locks just towel dried.

Giambattista Valli's A/W 2013 Wet Hair Look

Giambattista Valli’s A/W 2013 Wet Hair Look

Rejoice in a style that boasts equal parts ease, sophistication and carefreeness. Chloé’s girls rocked the low ponytail style that featured a deep side part and a sleek, combed look, while the ever-polished Victoria Beckham let loose and sent her models down the runway with a languid, slept-in, relaxed low pony. Alexander Wang dip-dyed models’ low ponies for a sharp ombré effect; Ralph Lauren kept it classic with a sleek, smooth style, contrasting Lanvin’s relaxed, easy pony.

Alexander Wang's A/W 2013 dip-dyed ponies

Alexander Wang’s A/W 2013 dip-dyed ponies

The best way to chic up hair this season is also one of the easiest: braids. No matter your hair-type, cleanliness or length of your hair, an easy side braid, as seen at Valentino, adds uncomplicated elegance. In stark disparity, Fendi’s fur mohawks were complimented by warrior-like braids, thick and raised down the back of the head and all the way down the backs of the models sporting this ferocious style; Vivienne Westwood weaved ribbons into her girls’ braids, evoking the youthful feel of the trend.

Valentino A/W 2013 Braids and Ribbons

Valentino A/W 2013 Braids and Ribbons

Any girl growing out her hair understands the importance of hair accessories. Everyone else can also enjoy the style points accredited, as Valentino illustrated with the help of a black leather headband. Dolce & Gabbana, never one to shy away from glamour, topped models’ heads with intricate gold and jeweled crowns. Marc Jabcobs participated in the trend with wide elastic hairbands that were both simple and polished, while Jason Wu clipped in metallic pins into updos to add a little something extra.

Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2013 Crowning Glory Accessories

Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2013 Crowning Glory Accessories