Office Party Makeup: Sexy Holiday Looks

Taking your essential daily makeup look to the office party is as monotonous as your commute, so let loose! Still, the key is to only let loose a little. Yes, it’s a party, but it’s a party that your boss and co-workers are also in attendance of, so it’s best to save the super-vamped up looks for a more relaxed social setting. That being said, it’s great to add a little oomph and still have some fun with your look.


Our Kind of Office Party

Layering a shimmery, glitzy eyeshadow in a similar colour to your everyday shadow is a subtle way to add a little something extra. Any shade of neutral works effortlessly; champagne shades capture light gorgeously, while deeper cocoa hues create depth. Another subtle way to add some sparkle? A glimmering eyeliner. Gel or liquid formulas can be found flecked with shimmer or full on-sparkle – swipe some on for an irresistibly festive gaze.

A softer take on a smoky eye is another appropriately sexy look. When creating a smudgy, provocative stare, a fine balance can be struck if shades of brown, purple or even navy are used instead of black, which can look too harsh. The trick is to blend, blend, and blend some more, and for an ultra chic twist on a classic, dab a touch of clear lipbalm on the lid for some added sleek texture.

Nothing says holiday party like a red lip. Ruby kissers are super sexy and sophisticated, and are a great way to dress up your face in one simple step. To ensure your lipstick stays on your lips and not on your cup, or worse, teeth, start by tracing and then filling in the entire lip with a red lip pencil and then lipstick. Blot, dust translucent powder over your entire mouth, and reapply another layer. Finish by topping with a tad bit of gloss in the centre of your bottom lip to help create the illusion of a fuller pout, too.

Although your face will always be the forefront, it’s nice to dress up your nails for that extra something special to show off when holding your cocktail. A classic, punchy hue will always evoke a sense of elegance. For a more modern way to glitz up a manicure, try a glittery top coat or even a 3D manicure, like tiny gold beads or a few crystals. The most glamorous thing to do for an office party, or any party in that case, is to relax and enjoy yourself – just ask Audrey Hepburn.