Label to Love: I Love Goldie Handcrafted Jewellery

Jewellery is an essential, necessary part of any ensemble – much like celebrating with champagne toasts and catching a tipsy, cheerful buzz. Raising a flute any chance I can get, I like to combine my love of bubbly with my obsession with awesome jewellery; its no secret my stacks of jewels have outgrown a typical jewellery box – they live in plushly-lined Ace of Spade champagne boxes on my dazzling dresser.

So when I was recently sent my newest label to love, I Love Goldie‘s Aimée Handpiece, there was pretty much nothing left to do but pop a bottle with giddy pleasure and scour the site for more treasures. To my absolute delight, founder and Creative Director Francesca Abony makes each piece more strikingly sensational than the next.


Inspired by “the fun and courageous fashions of the 80’s and decades prior, Francesca is infatuated with the freedom that fashion enables.” Firmly stating that “disco may have died, but sequins, glitz & glamour are still prominent” pretty much sums up the insanely lust-worthy, supremely chic and exquisitely designed collection.


Along with my new favourite Aimée hand piece – mine is a sleek and sexy black and rose gold combo, but its also made in silver – I Love Goldie creates unique and special body chains, headpieces and bracelets. All evoking an airy quality of boho-chic, each piece has some distinguished detail, like an exotically mesmerizing evil eye or a carefully curated artful array of chains. The hand pieces, bracelets and head pieces easily inject a big shot of Nicole Richie-esque cool any day, but with warmer weather around the corner, the body chains are topping my must list.

Zaira Body Chain

Although intrigued by body chains, many girls can feel apprehensive. Francesca explains: “Really I find that for the body chains, women can be a bit shy, but once they understand the overall concept, they are blown away. I love styling my body chains over blouses, under blouses (as a necklace) with dresses, and of course tanks, bikinis and lingerie! The options are endless, because it doubles as a necklace!”

The trick is to work them into an ensemble you feel comfortable in to begin with. That way, your confidence, style points and sexiness will all be elevated, and you’ll too be toasting the ever-chic label to love and sharing your true love for I Love Goldie.