Saddest Friday in History: DailyCandy Bids us Adieu

It’s Friday, the day usually filled with people doing happy dances, making fun and relaxing weekend plans, and indulging in happy hour cocktails (although here at amouraimee, we have been known to sip a whiskey sour at 3pm from time to time.) Today, however, although Friday, is not a happy day. Today is a sombre, sorrowful day. Announcing their farewell on this dreary April morning, DailyCandy is closing its doors forever. Drowning our sorrows here at the office with cupcakes (the whiskey will come later), we are reluctant that we will ever find another site that “believes in the “find” ” so deeply, and does it so well.


Self-proclaimed fashion, food and fun enthusiasts, DailyCandy editors were the absolutely best at finding and featuring placements, done by “relentlessly seek[ing] the genuine, the unique, and the next. We deliver inspiration every day to women who’ve come to count on us — the urban explorers, the fun-seekers, the trend-spotters.” A constant inspiration, indeed — fashion and beauty-industry folk everywhere are crying into their manicured hands and wiping away mascara streaks (unless they thoughtfully used a waterproof formula today. Thanks, Dior!)

As Elaine Drebot-Hutchins of THiNK PR puts it, “when I started my career Daily Candy had just launched. Getting a placement all but guaranteed something would sell out, shut down a website or tie up a company’s phone lines. It was a badge of honor to get a placement. I remember my ‘first time’ – a placement for a hair removal salon about a new waxing service – they were booked for weeks. And don’t get me started on the ‘Weekend Guides’ – for years if Daily Candy didn’t list it, your event wasn’t happening. And the cache still existed today – clients still wanted that ‘As Seen On’ badge. It’s a sad day for sure.”

Illustrator Sujean Rim's girls, like this one, were often seen on DailyCandy

Illustrator Sujean Rim’s girls, like this one, were often seen on DailyCandy

Their immensely influenecial online presence, addictively clever and articulate content and frenzy-inducing features will be greatly missed.