Smooth Sailing: BelleCore HoneyBelle BodyBuffer a Summer MUST

I’m always game to try a new lotion, potion, serum or tool alike if their purpose is to even slightly tone and tighten skin. So you can imagine my delight after giving BelleCore’s HoneyBelle BodyBuffer a whirl for a few short weeks, my tush has never looked tighter.

Developed by 80’s supermodel and fitness buff Nancy Donahue and a team of four Harvard-grad doctors in 2007, the BelleCore company has introduced a few bodybuffers since then, each scoring awards and raves in every glossy from Vogue (U.S. and UK editions, respectively) to Marie Claire to Allure and everything in between. And it’s easy to see why: their bodybuffers do absolute wonders in more ways than one.

The tool uses “powerful mechanical forces to targeted areas, providing a vigorous, penetrating, deep-tissue massage and exfoliation experience. The bodybuffers simultaneously spin and zigzag back and forth, sending constant, concentrated energy into treated areas. This oscillating massage boosts blood and lymphatic flow, stimulates collagen formation and stretches fibrous tissues to improve elasticity – creating multiple benefits for your appearance and promoting a feeling of well-being.”

bodybuffing thigh hb

Model Using the HoneyBelle

By stretching the fibrous connective bands of tissue, the appearance of cellulite is virtually banished as fatty deposits are broken up. This is no easy task; beauty champion favourite recently posted a lengthy and informative piece titled, What You Need to Know About Cellulite, which candidly laid out “what actually causes it to what works to get rid of it (and what really doesn’t)”. Dr. Neal Schultz, an NYC-based dermatologist, lent his expertise to the piece, and advised that while creams and lotions merely do more than moisturize, the HoneyBelle can provide some improvement. “These treatments cause so much pressure that you stretch out the bands, making them longer, so you get less puckering. That is an actual, real improvement in the structure of the skin. Anything that repetitively stretches the skin is going to be helpful [in diminishing cellulite].”

As if smoother skin isn’t enough, the HoneyBelle also provides a deep tissue massage that boosts blood and lymphatic flow, which is amazing for detoxification and muscle performance. Metabolic waste buildup is flushed out when used after exercising, alleviating prolonged muscle soreness and aiding in a faster recovery. You can also use it prior to working out to warm up muscles in a deeper way.

Vogue UK May 2014 Rave: One of MANY!

Vogue UK May 2014 Rave: One of MANY!

So how does it feel? Honestly, after the recommended 5 – 10 minute treatment per area (twice daily) my skin feels warm to the touch and a tiny bit itchy. This means it’s actually working by increasing blood flow, circulation and stimulation. Meant for use on dry skin, I use it before a shower (in my living room, while the TV is on — the treatments don’t seem time consuming or laborious this way) and after drying off, I apply their Après Contouring Crème, which smells divinely cirtrusy and fresh and firms and tones.

The HoneyBelle is the original bodybuffer, but a smaller yet still as powerful and effective version, adorably called the BabyBelle, is also available. Recently introduced to the line is the HoneyBelle Fit bodybuffer, which is specifically designed for athletes and is targeted to aiding in performance. All bodybuffers come in a convenient kit that includes a carrying case, the aforementioned  Après Contouring Crème, an instructional DVD as well as helpful, step-by-step user’s manual and an extra terrycloth cover that goes over the oscillating piece.  Since the arrival of the HoneyBelle, I haven’t gone a day without using it, and I plan on keeping it that way: the deep tissue massage feels amazing, workout-induced muscle soreness is nada, and my skin is smoother than I ever knew possible. Visit to get your hands on one, too.

The HoneyBelle Kit

The HoneyBelle Kit