Celebrity Stylist Rob Pizzuti Shares His Quick and Easy No Stress Hair Style Tips

The glamour and fun of getting ready for a holiday party can lose its appeal and dazzle quickly when you’re already ten minutes late and your hair is fried from the bone-chilling cold and one too many passes from your ghd. Master stylist Rob Pizzuti, an award winning stylist, master colorist and educator with over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, has a few tricks up his sleeve he’d like to share; lucky us! — it’s not often a stylist of this calibre spills their tips. 

Pizzuti has worked with an impressive list of celebrities all over the world including Kate Hudson, Nina Dobrev, Dutchess of York Sarah Furguson and Petra Nemkova, just to name a few. He continues to grow his A-List clientele through his knowledge and expertise in trend forecasting, colour and styling and by building his portfolio of editorial, runway and celebrity work. Also a winner of a laundry list of prestigious awards, who better than Pizzuti himself to give us a few quick and easy no stress hair style tips to ease us through the holiday season? Read on and magically have enough time for an extra sip of eggnog, and best of all, look stunning while doing it.

Rob Pizzuti, Master Stylist

Rob Pizzuti, Master Stylist. Photo credit: J.R. Bernstein.

AA: Tell me you must haves for products and tools for creating no-fuss styles.

RP: Without question Sea Salt Spray and Davines Texturizing Dust are some of my top go-to’s for no fuss styling.  Sea salt spray can be misted into curly or straight hair to add soft control or blowdryed in for medium hold and no shine. Texturizing  Dust should be in every girls bag!  A little sprinkle at the root soaks up oil and adds instant volume. On days when you just wash and blow dry, it will keep that fresh bouncy look and big volume all day.

A textured blowdry in action

A textured blowdry in action

AA: Is there a style that is totally wash and go (to eliminate dry and style time) that still looks chic?

RP:I am going to be very honest here: Short, very short, or a ponytail is wash and go in under 10 minutes. I prefer women with small features or very strong features to carry off a tight chic crop look. It is also fun to play and be a bit more dramatic with colour on a short haircut – Perfect time to be platinum blonde.

AA: Is a blow-dry really the secret to a great base for a style? So many stylists say its the most important tool and base.

RP: Yes, absolutely.  In fact we give blow dry lessons at the salon. A great blow dry can last 3-4 days, so we teach how to handle your hair right the first day and then you can sleep in the next 2-3 and be happy you spent an extra 5 minutes with proper products and brushes.

AA: The braid trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Any stylist secrets to make them look more pro and less playground?

RP: Love Braids! Braids are a perfect solution for your hair on the third or fourth day after you have washed it and would rather sleep in for 20 minutes than jumping in the shower and start all over again. The general rule is to keep the braid low on the neckline. Starting the braid below the chin keeps it chic, unless you are going to work out boot camp, then opt for a high pony.

Pizzuti, showing us how braids are done

Pizzuti, showing us how braids are done

AA: Hair accessories for holiday parties: are you all for ’em or against ’em? If so, any suggestions?

RP: Small and cute is ok, but the best accessory is shiny healthy hair. I say spend the money on a pro to blow dry instead and you will look hot for Thursday night’s party and all weekend.

AA: Any backstage secrets you’d like to spill to help girls (and boys!) at home?

RP: Once when I was working in NYC, I had a famous model show up for her show with really greasy hair; like stinky gross. This was years before dry shampoo was on the market and I only had 10 minutes to get her on stage. I reached into my gym bag and sprayed all her roots with antiperspirant. It was so dry and had major volume – perfection. But it was probably terrible to wash out, so stick to dry shampoo for last minute dates.

AA: Any trend forecasting you’d like to share that beauty junkies at home can get a head start on for the holiday season?

RP: Long angular bobs with lots of swing.  These are far beyond the square 1980’s bob.  The longer length in the front gives drama and some slimming to the face. The sharp angle makes the hair swing when you walk wittch is simply hypnotizing to men and best yet it is simple to tie back when needed. Colour is one of two ways: bold and striking or incredibly soft and almost natural.  Take a look in the mirror and if you colour is just ok, then look for another colorist. Toronto is packed with some of the best technicians in Canada.  No more excuse for “just ok” hair!

Rob is available by appointment only at Blyss Salon in Toronto’s trendy Yorkville neighbourhood. For press or booking inquiries, please contact anya@anyanordstrompr.com or dani@moiam.com.


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