Top Picks for Happy Winter Skin

Let’s face it: from your skin’s POV, winter really sucks. Quite literally, the frosty season sucks the life and moisture right out of a once happy complexion, leaving you dull, flaky and lackluster. Listen up, beauties: it doesn’t have to be sad skin season! With these top picks, your skin from head to toe will look and feel smooth, comfortable and beautiful.

Clarisonic Aria
Ask any beauty editor, makeup artist and in-the-know gal her secret skin weapon, and she’ll be sure to gush it’s her Clarisonic. The Aria removes six times more makeup and sweeps away twice as much dirt and oil than manually cleaning, which results in gorgeously smooth texture and diminished pores. Gently buffing away flaky, dead skin, the Clarisonic Aria also creates the perfect canvas for better absorption of moisturizer and skincare products, leaving skin plump and radiant.


Mereadesso All-In-One-Moisturizer
This Canadian skincare line’s profoundly potent and effective moisturizer feels and smells as heavenly as the otherworldly glow it imparts. Its impressive ability to cover all bases, including eye cream, day cream, night cream, serum, and primer, in part comes from its transcendent ingredient list. Globally sourced ingredients include 16 botanical extracts, 8 minerals and enzymes and over 20 antioxidants, and although mighty, boasts a gorgeous gel-lotion texture and sinks into skin quickly beautifully.


Locsuria Hair Tonic
Scalps are far from immune to suffering from discomfort due to dry, tight skin. Locsuria, a Canadian hair care line created by a veteran of the hairdressing industry for over 20 years, heard our pleas and created a collection of plant based (98%!) chemical, sulphate and paraben free products that really work. The Hair Tonic, a winter necessity, nourishes scalps with lemongrass and rosemary while jojoba and avocado oils hydrate, relieving dry, itchy scalps and winter-stalled hair growth.

Moroccanoil Body Butter
This stuff is crazy thick and ultra moisturizing, which is essential when your skin is sucked dry from the harsh winter temperatures and zero humidity. Argan oil and shea, cocoa and mango butters nourish and hydrate, while avocado, olive, squalane and pomegranate oils instantly sink in to leave you petal soft and delicately scented with Moroccanoil’s gorgeous signature scent.


NARSskin Restorative Night Treatment
Nighttime treatments are super effective when skin needs repairing — your cells work overtime while you’re snoozing, meaning you’ll wake up gorgeous. NARSskin Restorative Night Treatment is the ultimate dream cream when it comes to restoring skin overnight; it luxuriously nourishes and moisturizes to leave you looking luminous and fresh by the time your alarm clock goes off, even in the dead of December. Transforming in texture from gel to oil, this extremely high-tech treatment melts into skin and forms a hydrating veil that locks in moisture. Your skin will look and feel smooth and soft upon rising, and really, is there anything better?