L’oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber: The Revolution Begins

Chances are, like over 50% of women, your biggest hair concern is damage. This can lead to a myriad of other issues, from dullness to breakage to lacklustre strands.

Beauty Boss L’oréal’s Proffessionnel hair care line spent 15(!) years developing a solution to our strand woes, and this October, the revolutionary Pro Fiber treatment hits salons across the nation.

The innovative restorative treatment is the first of its kind — its dual-action formula corrects surface damage on the cuticle, restoring the cosmetic appearance, while a deeper-penetrating molecule targets cortex damage and restores hair health.

The gorgeous Eva Green fronts the campaign.

The gorgeous Eva Green fronts the campaign. Photo courtesy of styloly.com.

What’s truly extraordinary is the results both immediately and long term; hair is instantly supremely soft, shiny and supple, and the at-home reactivation system ensures continuously stunning strands.

Let’s get a little Bill Nye here for a sec: the molecule APTYL 100 that was specifically developed for the Pro Fiber treatment miraculously repairs both surface and deep-strand damage. But what good is a miracle molecule if it rinses down the drain after your first few washes post-treatment? Post treatment, APTYL 100-spiked shampoo, conditioner and serum (that you purchase and take home from the salon post-treatment) prevent the molecule from washing out, as does the recharge treatment which is to be applied four weeks after the in-salon treatment.

The highly concentrated recharge treatment. Photo courtesy of londonbeautyqueen.com.

The highly concentrated recharge treatment. Photo courtesy of londonbeautyqueen.com.

This little goodie bag of reassurance is paramount to ensuring long lasting results, and trust me, you’ll want to keep your hair looking and feeling like it does on treatment day forever. I can tell you this for certain as I was lucky enough to experience the Pro Fiber treatment a few days ago.

The stylist started our session by using the innovative assessment App (on his iPhone, of course) to ask me a few questions like how often I shampoo, colour, use heat styling tools and spend time in the sun. These all come down to three factors of damage: chemical (dye, and in my case, super-damaging bleach), environmental (that dreaded UV), and mechanical (curling irons, flatirons, you name it). The assessment determines how damaged your hair is, and offers three different levels of the take-home regime — Revive, Restore or Recover — depending on your outcome.

The stylist assessment. Photo courtesy of youtube.com.

The stylist assessment. Photo courtesy of youtube.com.

The Pro Fiber treatment starts with a shampoo and takes a mere five minutes. The treatment doesn’t weigh hair down as it specifically targets damage, and once towel dried, a serum is applied to seal it all in.

As a beauty writer, I didn’t expect my hair to look and feel that different; I’m diligent about applying masks, serums, scalp treatments and getting regular trims. I also never, ever blow-dry or heat style my hair — my only sin is maintaining my (not quite natural) blonde.

Revive, Restore, Recover. Photo courtesy of styloly.com.

Revive, Restore, Recover. Photo courtesy of styloly.com.

As soon as my hair was partially dry, I could already see and feel a difference. I can’t stop touching my hair, it literally felt like silk. I am astonished at the level of repair; I didn’t even think my hair was that damaged until I can now compare the difference in texture, softness, and overall hair commerical-worthy lustre post-treatment.

With my take-home in-shower routine that’ll keep the APTYL 100 locked in for the next six weeks, I must consciously remember to stop. Touching. My. Hair. It will always be this soft, manageable and healthy now.

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