A Guide to Blonde Babes’ BFF Hair Must Haves

As spring temperatures rise, there seems to be a pattern of lightness. In hair, that is. Blondes seem to bloom simultaneously with lilacs, spring’s most favoured fragrant, sweet and beautiful bud. Lilac also happens to be blonde’s hair rescue BFF, as are these picks below; here, our highly curated list of the best products for all Goldilocks, in every tone, shade and hue.



Kérastase PARIS Soleil Bain Après-Soleil, $38; and Kérastase PARIS Soleil Huile Lactée, $43


Anyone who has ever made a trip to the salon knows that freshly coloured hair needs a specifically formulated shampoo to help protect colour from fading and keep strands vibrant and sleek. But did you know blondes need even more TLC? In addition to extra deep moisture, flaxen-haired beauties need to be extra cautious of sun damage. Much like paler complexions, light hair is more susceptible to UV rays and needs a special kind of SPF for daily protection.

Start caring for colour while you lather up in the shower with Kérastase PARIS’ Bain Après-Soleil. Designed for colour-treated hair, this luxuriously rich and delightfully scented shampoo is a double win for blondes: keeping your shade fresh by eradicating lightening dye’s drying effects by adding moisture, shine and radiance, this shampoo also helps erase damage done by aforementioned especially-harmful-to-blondes UV rays while shielding strands for future protection.

To ensure further damage won’t be done by the sun, spritz on Kérastase PARIS’ Huile Lactée post-shower. This “oil-milk” hybrid is a multi-purpose mist and a must-have for blondes. Protecting and moisturizing properties restore strands, while the smoothing formula tames frizz for a polished, sleek result (even in spring’s unpredictable rain/ heat/ humidity/ etc.). While deeply nourishing, Huile Lactée is incredibly lightweight and should be used after every wash: not only does it have heat-protecting properties to safeguard strands from styling, it’s also packed with antioxidants and an ever-important-for-blondes powerful UV filter.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment, $52

living proof

Blondes put their hair through a serious beating to achieve its enlightened colouring, especially for naturally brunette babes. Finer, weaker and quicker to snap, bottle blondes need seriously baby their strands to ensure minimal breakage and dryness — frayed hay-textured hair? Not chic. As a longtime lover of bleach (shout out to Colleen at John Steinberg & Associates — you’re the best!) I can attest to absolutely needing a deep conditioning mask. I’m a huge fan of the Living Proof line, simply because it works; the scientists behind the brand have done it again. Creating a molecule that restores the hair’s protective layer, this mask also reduces porosity, which causes inability to seal in moisture. Use weekly or twice weekly on ends for a mega boost of moisture and prepare to be majorly impressed with the results.

Phyto Gloss Treatment, £20.00

phyto gloss1

When inevitable dulling starts to set in and your blonde seems just a tad bit lackluster, reach for French beauty favourite Phyto’s Gloss Colour Enhancing Express Treatment. Available in Platinum or Golden to bring life back to cool, bright blondes and warm, rich blondes alike, this treatment is a pick-me-up akin to a mini-salon treatment. Botanical pigments illuminate, and the formula creates depth and mega shine thanks to its nourishing mango butter and honey extract. Intensified, revitalized blonde is achieved in five minutes flat and lasts for an impressive five shampoos.


Kérastase PARIS Spécifique Soin Densitive GL, $43


Blonde hair is often finer than brunettes or redheads. But there is a flaxen-flat hair fix! Once hair is dry, either naturally or with a blow drier, add a little oomph into roots, around the crown and even into lengths with Kérastase PARIS Spécifique Soin Densitive GL. This feel-good micro-spray invigorates and soothes the scalp while stimulating hair production and micro-circulation, resulting in a big boost of real volume. Tiny mineral particles densify each strand, adding texture and instant volume. Drying invisibly into hair, this leave-in treatment is bar none the best way to achieve a full, happy head of hair.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Touch of Gloss, $42

shu uemura

Did you know that blonde hair reflects less light than any other colour? Combat flat, dull colour with Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair Touch of Gloss, which generously gives blondes glistening, perfect-hair-day hair. Impossibly shiny, smooth, never-sticky strands are instantly brought to life and looking lush, lustrous and glossy with just a teeny dollop of this brilliant melt-in wax. When warmed in palms pre-application (just smooth on mid-shaft down) it looks like crushed diamonds, which is translated to defined, detailed and ultra reflective strands that give an impossibly gorgeous sheen and leave hair looking as bright and fresh as day-of colour.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray, $9

john frieda

After ten long years, countless prayers, hundreds of customer emails begging/ threatening John Frieda’s head office and bottles fetching over $100 on eBay, this cult favourite beach spray is back and better than ever. That elusive undone, blonde beach bombshell hair is achieved with a few spritzes of this divinely tropical scented mist as it creates shiny, textured waves that look perfect, feel touchably soft and are a breeze to style.