Holiday Parties Around the World: How Women Across the Globe Prep for the Season

As previously written for and published by FASHION Magazine.

Free-flowing champagne, fabulous holoiday parties and plenty of time with loved ones, make up the joys of the season. Although we have the blessing/curse of enjoying/suffering through a white Christmas, many countries around the world spend their holiday time celebrating in ways we can’t imagine (like on the beach!).


But one thing we all have in common, regardless of your origin, postal code or even inclinations, is that the holidays are a special time, and slowing down to enjoy all the fun and excitement is a ritual we can all collectively partake in. Whether you call sunny Sydney home or reside in the bustling city of London, an extra step or two while beautifying for the holiday season is a welcome shot of glam. Read on to see the rituals women from around the world indulge in during the most wonderful time of the year.

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