Burnt Out? A Psychologist On Why Escaping To An Exotic Island Is Good For Your Health

As previously written for and published by Sporteluxe.

When we’re feeling a little rundown, overworked and generally just spread too thin, we often dream of white sandy beaches, coconut-spiked cocktails, and an easy, slow pace to wind down, and I’m certainly no exception to this rule.

Image courtesy of Jamie Nelson // Instagram @jamienelson6

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been living life at breakneck speed, but knew that stopping to truly slow down in my daily routine wasn’t going to happen. To see if those beachy daydreams were clouding my judgement, I reached out to Monique Shipp, BPsySci, to see if it was truly worth taking a week off somewhere exotic to recharge.

Shipp assured me this was indeed a healthful way to take a truly beneficial break: “Making a mindful effort to plan a faraway, exotic vacation is great for our mental health. Firstly, it is a form of being kind to yourself, which is an important aspect of self-care. Humans need a break, and sometimes we need a private island, a sunset, a romantic dinner and clear blue waters to remember that life is and can be an experience that does not have to revolve around daily pressures.” With that in mind, I packed my bags and booked a couple of tickets for my partner and I, and took off to the famously indulgent, far-flung and perfectly picturesque Maldives.

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