Hey Rapunzel, We’ve Found Your Secret! Want longer hair? Try These Supplements for Starters

As previously written for and published by Ten Daily.

Lady Gaga luxuriously lounges with waist length locks for Versace.

If there’s one trend that’s emerged of late that blends beauty and wellness, it’s the hair health gummy trend. Lush-locked girls everywhere on Instagram are praising the supplements and crediting them for longer, stronger hair and nails. Heck, the Kardashians talk about them all the time, they must be good. Alex Fuchs, National Education Manager at La Biosthetique Australia and owner of Fuchs Hair in Sydney shares his expertise: “For those who want to support hair health from a nutrients level, then absolutely using hair, skin, and nail vitamins will help — the key ingredients you need to look for are Biotin and Zinc.” Looking to get your hands on some? Read on for our top five picks.

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