I Tried Goop Ashwagandha For My Anxiety And Holy Paltrow

As previously written for and published by whimn.com.au.

Sometimes, I feel so anxious my heart pounds, my palms get sweaty and I feel a bit dizzy. This can even happen to me before I’ve gotten up; despite the comfort of laying in my bed, I can feel an overwhelming sense of crushing anxiety before the sun has even risen. See, I’ve had an incredibly difficult year, and I’m still dealing with the aftermath of an insanely traumatic divorce and move across the world complete with starting over on my own in every aspect of my life. Despite the wonderful support I’ve been lucky enough to have from some pretty special friends and family, sometimes, it still feels like it’s all too much.

Image courtesy of whimn.com.au.

While my doctor has been super understanding of this challenging period in my life and has provided me with prescriptions for both Ativan and Clonazepam, I quite honestly find them addictive and don’t want to find myself in any more trouble than I already feel like I’m in. Also, I enjoy a glass of wine as much as anyone, and I’ve made the unfortunate mistake of mixing the two before with less than stellar results. (Full disclosure: I engaged in a long and heartfelt slurred speech about the injustice of feminist’s rights to my dad, who kindly soothed my worrisome pain and fed me. Thanks, Dad, and so sorry again.) To continue reading, click here.