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The Best of Thailand, if You’re Not so Into Full Moon Parties

As previously written for and published by The Lifestyle Edit. When Thailand comes to mind for a travel destination, many envision the neon-clad full moon party goers and rambunctious revellers looking to light… Continue reading

Expert Skincare Advice from a Top Expert Dermatologist

If you thought you were in an expert’s care simply because the clinic’s name states so, you’re in for a surprise: according to the renowned and award-winning specialist dermatologist Dr. Ritu, “In Australia, the… Continue reading

How to Deal with Adult Acne

A previously published by The Huffington Post. I’m no saint when it comes to treating my body like a temple, but I would say I’m still pretty damn good: I eat a good… Continue reading

What Do Food Sensitivities Have To Do With Seasonal Allergies?

As previously written for and published by Best Health magazine. We asked two experts for their advice on dealing with seasonal allergies. The Holistic Nutritionist says… Some people who suffer from allergies also have food… Continue reading

Detox your Skin for a Glowing, Healthy Complexion

Juice cleanses are an extreme measure of detoxing — most of us prefer, you know, actually chewing and swallowing our meals. But that supremely fresh-faced glow you get from downing gallons of vitamins?… Continue reading

Best of: TIFF Survival Guide

It’s TIFF time! That means catching a new screening, celebrity spotting and red carptet glamour galore. Look and feel your best with these essentials. Is there anything more red carpet appropriate than wearing… Continue reading