The Best of Thailand, if You’re Not so Into Full Moon Parties

As previously written for and published by The Lifestyle Edit.

When Thailand comes to mind for a travel destination, many envision the neon-clad full moon party goers and rambunctious revellers looking to light up the night. But the peaceful, tranquil paradise has so much more to offer than knock-off designer goods and cheap, seemingly endlessly flowing booze — known for its paradise-like beaches, it can be hard to find serenity if they’re overrun with other visitors.

For those looking to get off the beaten path a little and experience a more authentic and secluded Thai getaway, this one’s for you.

A Beach Lover’s Paradise

While bustling Phuket is a short 45 minute drive away, Beyond Resort Karon is worlds apart when it comes to its beachfront serenity. The luxury resort boasts a small boutique feel and is a sophisticated, elegant getaway as it accommodates adults only, and maintains a personalised touch with each and every one of the 81 suites available.

Situated on the spectacular Karon beach, the sparkling, crystal clear water is only enhanced by the powder soft white stretch of sand that seems to endlessly stretch on as far as the eye can see. Creating nothing short of a pleasing, smile-inducing sense of utmost relaxation, the stunning beach view can be enjoyed from the resort’s large infinity swim-up pool bar, or its breezy and beautiful beach front restaurant to savour a meal in. Another amazingly attractive aspect of the resort is its lush, manicured and well-tended to gardens that stretch across the property.

Known for its sweeping romanticism and dreaminess, Beyond Resort Karon is a top pick for those looking to wed in an exotic and luxurious destination, or simply indulge in a romantic retreat where no detail is overlooked.

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