New Favourite Facial: Ella Baché’s New Generation Light Therapy LED Facial Treatment

Every Autumn without fail, my skin freaks out: after sweating it out in the sun and sea all summer long, my heat-loving skin turns into a blotchy, acne-ridden mess come the first whisper of cooler temperatures. Combined with more visible imperfections thanks to my faded tan, I feel less than confident with my complexion and get hopelessly desperate for a fix. Last week, I found my holy grail: Ella Baché’s New Generation Light Therapy LED Facial Treatment. After visiting the flagship Sydney salon tucked away inside the plush lower level of David Jones, I practically floated out, proud and pleased with my newfound glowing, soft and more evenly-toned face.

Incorporating the technology into a traditional Ella Baché customised facial, my treatment began with a heavenly neck, shoulder, chest and arm massage using a beautifully scented muscle and mind melting botanical oil, my therapist then double cleansed my skin before assessing it and carefully considering which products to use for my facial. After a series of calming and beautifying sweeps of detoxifying, exfoliating and clarifying products were selected and used on my face to eradicate every trace of dirt, oil, makeup and toxins (living in the city definitely has its downfalls), it was time for the LED therapy to commence.

Enhancing skin performance with cutting edge, this non-invasive and super safe treatment feels pleasantly warm thanks to over 2000 powerful LED lights. Targeting a myriad of skin concerns to perfect the complexion from the inside out, this therapy combines the power of both red and blue infrared light to rejuvenate, decrease inflammation and blemishes, and improve skin tone and texture. The red light works by naturally stimulating cell regeneration to aid in the production of collagen, which speedily repairs damage, evens out tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and aids in promoting self-healing. The blue light delivers effective blemish-battling wavelengths, thanks to its ability to reduce acne-causing bacteria on the skin while reducing redness, which is exactly what my skin needed.

Other benefits from continued use of this photodynamic therapy include photo rejuvenation and a reduction in visible veins, wrinkles, skin discolouration, and acne. Even after one treatment, I can visibly see the results, and am so thrilled I cannot wait to go back for another round — not only is it super effective, safe, gentle and completely non-invasive, it feels like a luxurious addition to a pampering at a luxe spa, and who doesn’t love a little indulgence? In the meantime, I’ve incorporating the silky and lightweight Detox Aromatique Extra-urifying Corrector Serum, which is soothing my skin while banishing blemishes from coming back, and Crème Intex No. 2 to moisturise and hydrate my skin while keeping bacteria at bay, drawing out impurities and healing the skin.