Glamour Girls

Toronto’s shining a bit brighter these days, thanks to all the mega-watt stars gracing us with their presence for the film festival. As much as I love the glamour of all the red carpets, free flowing champagne and endless parties associated with the festival, the dreamy cinematic haze, expertly delivered in a perfectly packaged production, is what really counts. Modern day stars are commonly more recognized (and gossiped about) by their personal lives, in contrast to the je ne sais quoi quality of movie stars past. Perhaps because of their enigmatical existence, I have a deep love for old school starlets in all their sexy, secret glamour. In honour of TIFF, here’s a list of a few of my favourite gals.

Brigitte Bardot:

As beautiful as she is talented, Bardot starred in over 40 films and released several albums as well as maintaining a modelling career in the 50s and 60s. Often cast as an ingénue and/or sex symbol, Bardot’s charm was clearly not just an act. Four times married and many other romantic escapades noted, the free spirited bombshell was a bonafide badass (could there be a sexier combination?). Refusing the Legion of Honour award, multiple legal troubles and popularizing the bikini are all acts that can pretty much sum up the essence of Ms. Bardot: irreverently saucy, and no one looks better doing it.

Iingrid Bergman:

Casablanca is easily one of my favourite romantic films; I just melt every time that famous line, “Here’s looking at you, kid” is delivered. An iconic, timeless beauty, Bergman’s classic and stunning features are the epitome of Hollywood glamour. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I’ve always thought of Bergman as the quintessential good girl. I was delighted to discover she was anything but: the screen siren scandalized the world with a high profile affair with Robert Rossellini while still married to her first husband. Another reason I adore Ingrid Bergman? Her daughter, Isabella Rossellini, is as captivating as her famous folks.

Katherine Hepburn:

An anti-celebrity celebrity, Hepburn was known to keep hush hush about her private life. Never giving interviews or getting caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle, Hepburn was paradoxically opposite in demeanour. Brash, outspoken and having a reputation to be self-righteous and bossy, her lack of over sharing personal details had less to do with meekness and more to do with an ‘eff-you’ attitude. Despite this, she was still known to be fun-loving and vivacious; Hepburn was  tempestuously lively. Scoring 4 Academy Award wins out of 12 nominations, Hepburn’s 60 year career was as colourful as she.