(Wishfully) Packing it in in Packham

Although I hardly consider Paris Hilton a style icon, I recently had a moment of fashion déjà vu while scrolling through designer deals at a the champion of all discount sites, theoutnet.com. Admittedly, I am far more inclined to lose my cool over a tough Balmain jacket than a feminine frock, but that is exactly what happened when I discovered Jenny Packham’s frothy, frou-frou tiered silk-chiffon dress, that yes, was seen on the infamous Ms. Hilton a few years back.

To my amazement, the heiress donned a version I liked even better than its’ online counterpart, as hers was black and the outlet.com is selling it in its’ antique rose adaptation. The boudoir inspired piece is a standout, featuring a halter neckline, double looped string ties, a low back, and its highlight, an ostrich feather trim. Oh, that trim. It is the superlative essence of the dress, and in some derisive sort of twist, the reason I can’t get my desperately clenched hands on it and all its luscious, ruffled glory.

Along with skins and some leathers, there are strict shipping restrictions on anything classified as an exotic skin, which I despairingly discovered ostrich feather is categorized under upon checkout. I’m mega devastated; this dress went from being a piece I admired in a photo to feelings of paramount excitement and dreamy visions of prancing around in it, which would have been a reality as soon as I would greedily tear through the package’s delicate, beautiful wrapping, to said dreams shattered all over the floor, or rather my laptop, where the antagonistic red restriction notice defiantly told me no.

Seriously, I feel like I’m castigating feelings of glamour and gorgeousness I would surely feel (and emanate,naturally) by not having the chance to be able to slip into and slink around in in this dress. I would surely do fabulous things, eat gourmet soupçons and mingle with the best of them in this dress. How could I not do such delightful things in such effervescent finery? Its grandeur would surely heighten any experience while wearing it.

Heartbrokenly, I know these glamorous happenings are out of my postal code, or at least, I’ll have to chase them down in a less exotic ensemble.

Jenny Packham’s gorgeous, glorious perfection in the form of a silk-chiffon, ostrich feather trimmed dress