Who Wears Short Shorts?

It may be December, but I’m having a really hard time keeping my pants on – this is partially because my penthouse apartment’s temperature rivals a sauna (heat really does rise), and also in part to all the awesome winterized shorts that are perfect pant alternatives I’m coveting like crazy. Leather looks are topping my list, and I’m reaching for styles from studded and high-waisted to slouchy and stylish, à la Alexander Wang, nearly every time I head out on the town.


I’m also loving feather embellished shorts – stay with me here. Ostrich feather embellished skirts are becoming as ubiquitous as the mall, which ironically, is where I recently spotted a few ostrich feather skirts in window displays, dully paired with knit sweaters and ho hum booties. Feather shorts have enough volume to pass as a skirt at a glance, but my inner tomboy loves the less ladylike (and Brittany flashing-avoidance) cut of a short far better, as well as more unique texture options.

Suede is also a luxe, cold-weather appropriate textile to abbreviate into cutoffs and my most beloved short brand, One Teaspoon, makes the best pair a girl can cover her bum with. Always cut on a bias, with the crotch longer than the sides of the shorts, O.T.’s shorts make legs look super slim and as long as the nights you’ll spend dancing in them.


Judge if you must, but sequined hotpants, or knickers as the Brits call them, are just too fun for me to resist. Sure, I feel like a cross between a magician and a showgirl, but neither seem so bad; they’re both too fun! Wearing them always gives me an insatiable desire to do high kicks and get up to no good — both things that would certainly please any Rockette worth her dazzle or magician worth his wand.