Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number

My dearest, loving, huge-hearted Mom is a constant source of inspiration for me. Life lessons, such as ‘let the little things go’, ‘laugh often – don’t let insignificant things upset you’, and ‘everything always has a way of working out’ are just a few mottos I try and live by in hopes of being even half as good a person as she. Happiness and an easy disposition is certainly translated onto her lovely face, and my Mom looks as youthful now as she did when I still had loose teeth. (Case in point: my fun-loving Mom always made us spaghetti to slurp though our gapped smiles when our teeth came out, always laughing loving at us even when tomato sauce was splattered on the walls by our slurping).


In addition to a laid back approach to life, my amazing Mom is also a dedicated fitness enthusiast,  exercising three times weekly. Over the years of living at home off and on (temporarily after college and travelling the globe… thanks for always having a place for me, Mom and Dad!), I have always loved joining my Mom to fitness class and have grown to admire and love her gym friends, too. Strong, limber bodies fill the room and these ladies routinely give me a good run for my money in the fitness department, despite me being my Mom and her friends’ tag-a-long.

In honour of this youthful and beautiful bunch, this post is about pampering; you ladies take such good care of your bodies, and much like my Mom, your exercise-induced endorphin rush glows on all your faces – but let’s be honest, every girl loves to indulge in some beauty loot! Here are a few of my favourite stay-young (looking) forever products – not that any of you need it!

I am serious about serum time. Serums contain a higher concentration level of ingredients, absorb quickly, reach deeper layers of skin and can target specific concerns. When it comes to anti-aging serums, Clarins Generation 6 Extra-Firming Botanical Intensive Care gets five stars. This mega popular dual-pump serum recently introduced its sixth advancement in formulation. The two serums, combined when pumped out, address all aspects of aging skin concerns. This magic potion hydrates, feeds skin vital nutrients, provides oxygenation and protection and revitalizes. Skin is left refreshed, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, and a luminosity is imparted.

Moisture is a major aging skin concern, as less oil is produced in the skin as we get older. Annoyingly, this can draw more attention to fine lines, crepey skin and wrinkles. Merci, Dior, for making Hydra Life Pro-Youth Comfort Crème. Dior has a protected garden – real talk – where innovative and effective ingredients are grown and harvested for their products. This luxurious, luscious, indulgent cream uses jisten, centella, and black rose from their garden to deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin. The age fighting formula melts into the skin like a dream, and the complexion is smoothed, plumped and softened instantly, leaving skin looking refreshed and younger.

The eyes tell no lies, and the delicate skin surrounding the eye area is extra sensitive to showing age. A creamier texture is key, and Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream is a gorgeous, rich pick that is completely non-greasy and is quickly absorbed. Its triple action formula battles all the major signs of aging: dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. What makes this better than the rest? It also halts collagen and elastin from breaking down, keeping eyes fresh and bright.

Retinoic acid, a potent derivative of vitamin A, is often prescribed by dermatologists to patients with age related skin concerns. Prescription retinol creams usually have around 0.5% o the active ingredient, and although quite effective, they can be harsh on the skin and cause irritation. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream contains 0.1% of the wrinkle fighting ingredient, and although it seems minuscule, it’s still mighty effective. Encouraging production of collagen, this treatment actually makes skin look younger by speeding up cell turnover, resulting in a  smoother, more even toned complexion.

Note to all the fitness class readers: you’re all so young at heart and full of life, and it really shows on all your lovely faces! I sincerely miss working out with all of you, especially the beautiful, fit, energetic and talented Carolyn! It would be a dream come true to become rich and hire you as a personal trainer; I refuse to attend any other fitness class since moving downtown as they are all lifeless and mundane without you and the gang. I wish you had fitness videos, à la Tracy Anderson (and many other fitness instructors, famous or not!) so I could still work out with you, here or anywhere.