Givenchy and Nike Team up for Spring 2014 Colab!

Fashion obsessed, but have a champagne taste on a beer budget? Join the  club. Every season, we rejoice (and probably blow our cash frivolously on other equally want-based material items) when couturiers and high profile designers collaborate with fast-fashion mega chains like H&M and Target. (A tight, bright discernibly patterned Peter Pilotto dress for under $100? Yes, please; and thanks, Target!)

His and Her's YSL high tops: Travis and my penchant for designer sneakers

His and Her’s YSL high tops: Travis and my penchant for designer sneakers

But I am rarely seen in a dress; my fiancé once speculated if I’ll be walking down the aisle in a dress or not (I will, but it’ll most likely be short and covered in beads and ostrich feathers). That fiancé of mine knows me very, very well and knows our mutual love of high tops trumps any girlie get-up, any day. So while I do get excited for affordable designer collaborations, with their stunning silhouettes and sensational textiles, when I heard Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy is teaming up with Nike for a collaboration debuting this spring, I nearly lost it.

High tops have always been my first and favourite choice of footwear, and as my taste for luxury flourished, so did my designer sneaker collection. (my wallet, sadly, not so much). Although Nike has done plenty of colabs over the years, this will be the first ever high-fashion designer to take part in the process. I am DYING of anticipation and willing with all my might for the snow to melt soon – I wouldn’t want my pre-ordered pair of Givenchy Nike’s to get ruined with salt stains and slush!