Blissfully Smooth, Tight Perfected Skin Easily Achieved with the Bliss Lean Machine

Ok ladies, there’s no getting around it: most of us have cellulite. For you lucky bitches that don’t, skip this piece. For the majority of the female population, read on.

Although I am still layering two pairs of pants – and exposing my bum in my favourite One Teaspoon Trashwhores is the last thing on my mind mid-February – I know that my cutoff-wearing days will eventually come around again, and nothing compliments cutoffs like lean, toned, smooth skin. Most products take time to improve the targeted problem, so starting to address concerns weeks in advance is ideal for achieving the best results.


This is why last week, to prep for cutoff season, I started using Bliss’ Lean Machine along with their FatGirlSlim line. Um, WOW. I cannot stress enough how effective this treatment has been so far, and I’m noticing results already. The Lean Machine, an impressively skin-firming handheld device, combines the effectiveness of a massage with the power of a vacuum to seriously smooth and tone skin. By using suction, rolling, lifting and pulsing motions, cellulite is literally vacuum-smoothed out and skin is left taught and toned.


In order for the Lean Machine to glide over skin, applying their skin-firming FatGirlSlim cream to the area to be treated first works double duty. Packed with cellulite-busting QuSome Caffeine, the Lean Machine and cream work together to boost absorption and effectiveness, working better together as a super efficient skin-tightenting team.

Following up with their FatGirlSleep cream at bedtime ensures your body is still working to tighten overnight and makes the most of the rejuvenating resting cycle. Formulated with lotus flower, red algae extract, and lavender, this extra-rich cream smooths and soothes.


Also included in the FatGirlSlim collection is a Fatgirlslimulator, a nubby massage tool that can be used in the shower on wet skin or to massage the creams into problem areas; and FatGirlScrub, a skin smoothing, circulation-boosting Himalayan pink salt scrub. Put all these products to use and you, or rather your cellulite, will be absolutely blown away.