Post Holiday Wrap Up

WHAT A HOLIDAY! There is nothing more soothing to the soul and mind than a completely serene, totally relaxed, indulgently laid-back vacation. The insanely perfect beach setting didn’t hurt, either. Incredibly soft sand – also known as champagne sand as dubbed by our friend and fellow vacationer Justin – was met with the most vivid shade of turquoise ocean that was so unbelievably clear it took my breath away for the entire duration of our stay.

Vacationing with friends adds an element of ease and carefree fun. Staying in a stunning beach house right on the beach front was super luxurious and that much more fun thanks to the generous hospitality of our friend Lauren. The dynamic worked wonderfully, as Lauren and I enjoyed sunning and catching up on our favourite magazines while the three boys were, well, boys, and took advantage of the smooth surf, taking turns out-skimboarding each other. (Editor’s note: Pat, Justin and Trav: you guys looked good out there!)

Fun is also multiplied with friends while enjoying activities, like sipping pitchers of rum punch and munching on plates of fried, delicious conch (an island specialty I’ve never had the pleasure of indulging in! SO GOOD). Another island speciality specific to Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, where we were vacationing, is their weekly Fish Fry. Definitely a highlight of the trip, we all delighting in taking part of the local cuisines, flavours, live music, hype girls, scene, and of course, coconuts with their tops hacked off and filled to the brim with rum.

fish fry

Travis and I at the Fish Fry; local live music.

Other highlights of the holiday included the most decadent and truly delicious lobster tacos I have ever tasted in my life; scouting out the local lobster fisherman made for an adventure that ended in five 1lb jumbo Caribbean lobster tails that were made into buttery, savoury chunks of sweet meat thanks to the talent of my loving fiancé and skills of Lauren. Complete with all the fixings (guacamole! pineapple salsa! chiptole mayo! charred tortillas!) it was a family-style feast to remember. Snorkelling the stunning coral reef in the protected Princess Alexandra National Park was spectacularly special, too.

During our stay as a group, Justin’s filmmaking talent ensured that when we got back to snowy Canada (waa!) we could all relive the sand, sun and sea. Check out his video below, which includes amazing footage from the trip!

After a week together, everyone departed back to reality except for Travis and I, who lounged a few more days to celebrate his birthday together on the island. We spent three fabulously romantic, extraordinary, memorable days taking looooong walks on the gorgeous and seemingly endless stretch of perfect beach (with a rum punch in hand of course), eating more amazing meals (Jerky’s has THE BEST Caribbean food, period!), and whipping around the island on a bike we called Mad Max. Wind in my hair, sun on my back, arms around the one I love… it doesn’t get much better than that.

mad max

Travis, myself, and Mad Max.

Except maybe Travis’ ultra glam and amorous birthday dinner. Dining at the luxe Gansevoort’s Stelle restaurant, we were treated to a private set up on a pod floating in their stunningly lit pool. Toasting another year to the love of my life with our favourite champagne was so special, and we enjoyed a phenomenal meal together topped off with a romantic coffee sipped on the beach.

bday din

Stelle Restaurant at The Gansevoort Turks and Caicos.

It’s hard to come back, and facing post-vacation blues is a really tough thing. Everything is so dreamy and perfect and carefree when you’re on holiday. I feel especially lucky to at least live in a semi-permanent state of dreaminess thanks to my ever-loving, all-protecting, super-supportive and absolute perfect partner, Travis. X