The REAL Secret to Truly Glowing Skin

As much as I love indulging in all different kinds of beauty treatments, facials have never really been at the top of my list. Although they can feel good and leave me relaxed, even a mediocre massage will help me unwind better than a facial. The benefits promised are also never really evident for me – my normally happy, easy-going skin is always blotchy and extra-sensitive for days after, and I have never truly understood the perks of severe picking. Extractions hurt and only create blemishes I couldn’t see before getting my face gouged – I’m a not a neat freak in any aspect of life, and truthfully, if a little dirt is so deep under my pores that not only is it invisible, it harmlessly exists without causing breakouts, then I don’t mind it being there in the first place.

All that being said, I’m always in search of that elusive glow that only models and Hollywood elite seem to emit; why doesn’t my skin look like that? Thanks to my aforementioned easy-going, non-sensitive skin, I can easily search for this glow and experiment with all kinds of products and treatments without any harm, which is why I was game to try a Mesotherapy Vitamin Facial. This next-level, non-traditional facial uses “a customized blends of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that are infused directly into your skin cells. It’s a simple and gentle treatment that improves the quality of your skin.”

Imagining some magic wand infusing glow-inducing vitamins directly into my skin, I practically skipped to my appointment at The Simcoe Place Health Clinic. Situated in the underground maze of Simcoe Place, the state-of-the-art facility is designed with both the comfort and well being of the patients in mind. The plush office was welcoming and warm, and with its laundry list of professionally administered treatments, from naturopathic medicine to nutrition services to physiotherapy, the integrative clinic has all kinds of medical professionals (medical doctors, naturopath doctors, physics, etc.) working well together under one roof.

Dr. Tamarah Chaddah, the well-dressed, friendly (and glowy!) Naturopathic Doctor who administered my Mesotherapy Vitamin Facial, led me into a doctor’s office-looking room upon my arrival to discuss the treatment first. This is where I naively discovered there would be no magical wand to infuse the vitamins, but rather a needle. Actually, many, many needles. All over my face. I wanted to keep my cool – I mean, I should have known this is what mesotherapy was, right?

Kim Kardashian after her PRP Facial - otherwise known as the vampire facial - which Simcoe Health offers

Kim Kardashian after her PRP Facial – otherwise known as the vampire facial – which Simcoe Health offers

Dr. Chaddah explained the process in detail, giving me confidence I could do it, and after reviewing my skin’s profile (and recent trip to the sun soaked islands of Turks and Caicos) decided to use a Vitamin C-spiked cocktail of nutrients. She explained, “every treatment is customized for the individual. For you, we chose a 20% vitamin C formula because this high concentrated Vitamin C formula helps to promote collagen synthesis. Not only that, but it is a potent anti-oxidant that will prevent oxidative damage from free radicals in the environment. Because you just went away, we wanted to limit any damaging effects from sun exposure. Vit C also is a natural skin brightener, so it will help to create a more even, glowing complexion.”

The treatment was done in a more spa-like room and began with a gentle mask to exfoliate and prep my face. Needing 15 minutes to do its thing, Dr. Chaddah and I had the opportunity to chat. As this was my first experience with a doctor-administered beauty treatment, I wanted to know how the two intertwined so seamlessly in her office. Truly passionate about her practice, she explained that “beauty and health are not just connected, they go hand in hand. Someone who is unwell, or not taking care of themselves, unfortunately, looks it, but If you have taken the time to adopt somewhat of a healthy lifestyle that too shows through.”

The massage room at Simcoe Health where my Vitamin Facial was administered

The massage room at Simcoe Health where my Vitamin Facial was administered

“I think what is most important is that small changes can really make a huge impact when it comes to beauty. Things such as staying hydrated, and eating a well balanced diet can really help to keep the cells of the skin healthy. However, we all could use a little help. This is the basis behind the vitamin facial. It delivers vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the cells of the skin through a series of micro injections. This bypasses the outer layer of the skin, so that the formula can get straight to work, without having to be absorbed through the outer layer of skin. Also, because the formula’s are all natural they are a gentle way to enhance your appearance.”

Even though this gave me the utmost confidence in what results could be achieved, I still melted into a puddle of squeamishness when the time came for the injections. The good doctor soothed my nerves and offered to test it on my hand first, ensuring I knew  the treatment is a gentle one. I instantly felt relieved at the sincere lack of pain experienced on my hand, much like when my entire face was methodically worked over. Still chatting, the time passed quickly and virtually painlessly with talks of NARS makeup and beauty tips. This led to the topic of Cara Delevingne’s recent Instagram photo of both arms laced with IVs, captioned “IV drippin”; no, the model wasn’t in a critically ill condition, but rather using an IV to potently and instantly deliver essential vitamins and nutrients.

An Instragram photo from Cara Delevigne, captioned "IV drippin".

An Instragram photo from Cara Delevingne, captioned “IV drippin”.

The Simcoe Place Health Clinic also offers this invasive – albeit incredibly effective – way of delivering nutrients, and Dr. Chaddah told me that “the IV vitamin drip is honestly the best kept beauty secret – the “Beauty Infusion” at Simcoe Health is designed to leave you with more hydrated, radiant skin. The formula promotes collagen synthesis and cell turnover, which leaves skin with a more tighter, youthful appearance. Not only that, but people are overworked and overstressed, so the Vitamin Infusion can help to replenish levels quickly leaving people feeling more energized and relaxed.”

With a micro-injection facial enough for me for one day, my face was soothed with a clay mask and sealed with a serum post-treatment. Surprisingly, there was no after-sting, and not a trace of redness or puffiness. I was advised to skip makeup for the rest of the day, and abiding like the good beauty junkie that I am, only piled on mascara and swiped on a bold lipstick for an event that night. The best part of my look? Definitely my skin, which was confirmed when numerous people told me how glowing it looked.