Lush Lashes Perfected at Lashforever Canada

Big, bold lashes have always been a favoured look of mine, but until last week, I solely achieved this look with tons of mascara and the occasional addition of false eyelashes when I felt the rare combination of patience and a hand as steady as a surgeon’s. Although I’ve flirted with the thought of eyelash extensions, I’ve never been tempted as I have seen too many pretty girls end up looking like wooly mammoths, or worse, turn their fringe into long, spidery-looking lashes that aren’t fooling anyone.

These girls clearly weren’t in the skilled hands of expert Lauren Spencer and her A team at Lashforever Canada. Lauren, who grew up with a mom who administered laser treatments, was clearly cut from the same beauty-med hybrid cloth and first received eyelash extension training at Montréal’s Misencil. After working in the lash business for a few years doing freelance work and training others, her expertise and experience led her to team up with a cosmetic chemist to develop her own brand of lashes.


The careful and skillful application of eyelash extensions

You’d think Lauren has an honoured degree in science and majored in chemistry and engineering when chatting about how she managed to develop and create her unique and highly luxurious product and process, but she truly and simply just has a passion for lashes. That passion shines through in the lashes themselves as well as the technique — blending silk and grade A mink for the most flexible, comfortable and durable combination, the pre-curved individual extensions are applied one by one to ensure your real lashes aren’t harmed. Weightless, non-damaging and permanent (meaning they last the duration of your lash’s lifetime) 70 – 100 single, individual hairs are attached to each one of your natural lashes. Length and volume can vary depending on your preference; I asked for a look that focused more on volume than length, flared out a little at the ends, and looked plush but not too dramatic.

Combining two different lengths to achieve my desired look, the painless application took about an hour an a half, which was plenty of time to chat about all the other incredibly innovative offerings, all of the highest quality. First of all, I found out the lash extensions are adhered with a medical grade adhesive made in Europe that took over 40 trial and errors to finally settle on. A total lash expert, Lauren also offers a Lash Lift, which is like a perm for your lashes; it creates an eye-opening curl that’s subtler than a full-on extension and lasts about three months. Recently reformulated, Lashforever Canada also offers semi-permanent mascara.

A model before and after eyelash extensions

A model before and after eyelash extensions

A natural addition to the expertise lash services and at the forefront of trends, Lashforever Canada also just launched HDiBrow, the first eyebrows extensions in Canada. Available in a variety of shapes, lengths, curls and thickness to easily match any brows, each individual hair is attached one by one to each of your own brow hairs for a natural and long lasting result that can achieve any look requested.

It’s incredibly evident Lauren has a real talent and true passion for her craft — I could hardly believe she’s self-taught! Perfecting her product and technique, Lauren shares her knowledge by offering courses. Far more intensive than many others offered, her training takes 3 full days, compared to 6 measly hours other training programs certify in. Testing theory and practise, students must apply lash extensions to three models on-site and with approval as well as an additional two off site via before and after photos.

The demand to be Lashforever certified is far and wide; Lauren has a franchise in every province, a few in the U.S., and distributes her unique and superior lashes to select salons.  Upon passing, it’s safe to say you’ll be in the most highly skilled and trained hands possible, and I’m great proof: my lashes are lush, gorgeous, and I can hardly stop myself from trying to constantly wink.

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