Happy Scalp, Happy Hair!

The brutality that was this winter is still wreaking havoc on my beauty routine. Namely, the mercilessly frigid temperatures and icy blast of wind — followed by cranked heat, full blast — has yet to relent damage done on my scalp.  Although spring is in the air, the combination of wearing a wool hat for five months and the harsh conditions have left me flaky and on the hunt for something to soothe my itchy, uncomfortable scalp. Having never suffered scalp issues before, I tried many products before finding sweet relief at all-natural beauty mecca LUSH. One a balm, one a mask, these two products saved my scalp, and felt amazing doing it.

I fell in love with a mask appropriately named The Hair Doctor, and as an added bonus, it doubles as both a scalp and hair treatment. True to LUSH’s fresh, handmade philosophy, the mask is to be refrigerated and has an expiration date, meaning it’s truly natural. Straight out of the fridge, the treatment was cool to the touch, which added a refreshing element of pleasure when applying. Magnifying the cooling effects of the peppermint oil-packed formula, the mask tingled my scalp while it set, while extra-soothing chamomile oil alleviated any soreness and sensitivity. Also deep-cleaning by lifting oils and dirt with fuller’s earth while it revitalized, this mask is no one trick pony: it also seriously softened my strands with coconut and sweet almond oil and Irish moss seaweed, leaving scalp to tips happy and healthy.

Hair Doctor open with lid

The more scalp-specific Superbalm was created by LUSH co-founder Mark Constantine, who’s a trained trichologist (student of all things hair). The supremely soothing ointment is made with coconut oil, candelilla wax and salicylic acid to soothe and moisturize the scalp while softening and ridding hair of loose flakes. The consistency of the balm is like Vaseline, making it super easy to smooth onto the scalp, and it really gets down to the root of dandruff, loosening build-up and scale. The vegan formula features blue chamomile oil and lavender to calm, cleanse and completely rejuvenate and restore scalps.

Superbalm Open with lid