Save Your SBUX Change: Nordstrom’s 1st EVER Warehouse Sale is Coming to Canada!

YOU GUYS! Do not go out for drinks this week! Drinking wine at home alone is perfectly acceptable. Do not take cabs anywhere; the metro is your new and only means of transportation!  Do not pay your rent! Too far? Ok. Pay your rent. But save every other cent you have because Style Democracy is hosting NORDSTROM’s first ever Warehouse Sale on Canadian soil and we are sure every penny you save can go towards all the discounted designer goods you’ll be lusting after. You can thank us for hoofing it uptown on the Yonge line later, trust us; it’ll be so worth it.

I found SO MANY DELIGHTS at the #NordstromWarehouseSale!

I found SO MANY DELIGHTS at the #NordstromWarehouseSale!

Running from this Thursday, April 2nd to Monday April 6th, you’ll have lots of time to zip around and burn off that Easter chocolate (and escape the clutches of Aunt Maude and another story of what life was like before all these gadgets… no thanks!) at the International Centre (Hall 6) on 6900 Airport Road.

This first-of-its-kind sale will be offering designer and designer-inspired fashions and goods from its retail roster, including clothing, accessories and footwear for men, women and children. Items are going for up to 80% off, which has me looking like the emoji with hearts for eyes.

NORDSTROM's designer goods at a deep discount has me like...

NORDSTROM’s designer goods at a deep discount has me like…

Now we know it’s Monday, which means it’s the least productive day of the week. Which also means this is the perfect time to peruse NORDSTROM’s Canadian site,, to scope out brands and items to keep in mind when browsing the racks at the Warehouse Sale. Tweet or Instagram your finds and share with the hashtag #NordstromWarehouseSale. Happy shopping, beauties!