Beauty Quickies: 5 Fast Routine Must-Haves

Us women are busy: careers, families, and, if we’re lucky, we get to squeeze in a fitness class or glass of  wine with a pal here and there. When life is lived in the fast lane, (and let’s be real: when is it not?) the last thing you want is a beauty routine that feels like a chore. By subbing in a few of these multi-tasking beauty products, you can whittle your routine down to mere minutes, and use the extra time to savour that glass (or two!) of grenache.


NARS The Multiple – $46
The gold standard for multi-tasking, the name says it all. This colour stick boasts a creamy texture that glides on beautifully and dries to a powder-like finish. The original Multiple sticks can be used to highlight, contour, sculpt and warm the face and décolletage with their shimmery finish in a variety of shades. Newer to the collection, a matte texture was introduced and is just as versatile. Used wet, the colours melt into a sheer wash on lips and cheeks, or when used dry, a modern pop of colour is imparted.


Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Matte Brown – $23
A covert multi-tasker, this soft brown eye pencil is the stealthiest do-it-all product with many secret uses. Try gently scribbling over the eyelids and then smudge for a sexy, smoky look. Or use it in your brows to fill in spare areas – just be sure to use light strokes for a natural looking effect. This super soft pencil also makes a great contouring tool as long as you remember to blend, blend, blend. Draw small dashes under the cheekbone, the sides of your nose, along your hairline on your forehead and jawline and then, using your fingers or a brush, smudge out and blend all the lines to create a defined facial structure.

MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance – $49
Bridging makeup and skincare, MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance is multitasking wonder that eliminates the need for primer, illuminator and colour corrector. With its super-absorbent, silky gel texture, this primer smooths, hydrates, banishes oil and illuminates skin with pearly light reflectors. Packed with natural ingredients and vitamins, skin is nourished, calmed, protected and left glowing and perfected. Bonus: it comes in two shades — yellow and pink — to suit and flatter every tone.


Kérastase Paris Spray à Porter – $36
When Kérastase Paris introduced their first- ever styling range a few years ago, salons and stylists went into a frenzy, scooping up as many products from the collection as they could. To date, their Spray à Porter has emerged as one of the stars of the line. Bumping other salt sprays from their cult favourite status, this divinely-scented and super fine, light mist creates the perfect tousled effect with zero stickiness, heaviness or residue. To save time in your beauty routine, shower at night, and spritz strands with Spray à Porter from roots to ends. Beautifully undone texture is achieved the next day and flexible hold means the style will last.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Touch of Gloss – $42
Great news: beloved by all, Shu Uemura offers us a glistening, better-than-good-hair-day coif with their Art of Hair Touch of Gloss. Impossibly shiny, smooth, never-sticky strands are the instant result of just a teeny dollop of this brilliant melt-in wax. When warmed in palms pre-application (just smooth on mid-shaft down) it looks like crushed diamonds, which translate to defined, detailed and ultra-reflective strands. Seriously, this stuff is an absolute game changer and does all the work for you.