Spring beauty routines around the world, from Israel to South Africa

As previously written and published for FASHION magazine.

Spring is in the air! Well, at least it is here on this side of the equator. Warmer breezes, intermitted by frozen gusts of wind (and everything in between) often has us switching up our “spring” beauty routines daily; one minute we need a heavy duty moisturizer, the next, a waterproof mascara to keep eyes streak-free during April showers.


Spring in Johannesburg; image courtesy of Yael Comaroff

But what does spring beauty look like in Paris? Or in Johannesburg? Whether the weather is sweet or still kind of nasty, women from far and wide switch up their skincare and cosmetics routine come spring, and no matter where they hail from, they all certainly have one thing in common: warmly welcoming a more pleasant climate. Click through to see what beauty rituals look like across the globe.

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