Natural Ways to Relieve a Sunburn

As previously written for and published by Best Health magazine.

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia.

We asked two experts for their advice on managing a sunburn.

The Homeopath says….

I recommend applying Urtica urens cream, which is made from an herb commonly known as annual nettle and unsurpassed in treating sunburn. This homeopathic first aid remedy relieves discomfort and pain while speeding up healing time. Urtica urens also comes as a spray, a tincture and homeopathic pellets that are taken under the tongue. If you’re using a cream or spray formula, apply it topically to affected areas as needed, up to four times daily. If you’re ingesting pellets, take two pellets (in 6C or 30C doses, as recommended by a practitioner) three or four times daily as soon as you notice the sunburn and continue for three or four days until there’s a noticeable improvement.

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