Mind, Body, Spirit: Why you Need to take Barre Body’s new Elements Class

Although during an August chill it can seem like the sizzle of summer is forever away, in a few short months, it’ll be singlet season once again. But the thought of a super intense fitness regime to amp it up for beach season can be insufferable for some, and we’re not here to try and convince you otherwise. Instead, move towards a gentler approach both physically and mentally with just as-effective-results, like the newly minted lengthening, toning and strengthening Elements class at Sydney’s Barre Body. We chatted with founder Emma Seibold to get the lowdown on the brand-new way to look and feel like a million, both inside and out, just in time for the Spring season.

First, a little about you! What is your fitness background?
My first teacher training was in yoga over 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve done several Pilates and barre trainings as well as a ton more yoga training. I’ve also studied meditation and mindfulness extensively. All of those things have combined to give me a very broad, but deep understanding of fitness and movement. There is still so much for me to learn (as is the case with everything I think) and I truly love the journey of exploring new forms of movement and meditation and seeing how they meld with everything else in my repertoire.

Now on to the class. How is Elements different from other types of barre classes?
For starters, it’s not on the barre! The class is done on a mat in the centre of the room, so that you have the freedom to move around a little more. While barre classes typically focus on particular muscle groups and burning them out (hello, thighs and glutes), Elements is different in that it’s a much more full-body focus. The large, flowing cardio sequence at the start of class really gets your body moving in a different way, which explains why even our most hardcore barre devotees are super sore the next day.

How did you create this unique blend of mindfulness, exercise and meditation in one?
I run two businesses, ten studios, and have a beautiful family. I know what a juggle it is trying to fit exercise and mindfulness – let alone a meditation practice – in around all this. But as a yogi of many years, I also know what an incredible difference it makes to prioritise all of these things. It certainly makes me a better wife, mother and boss! I created Elements because I really felt there was a space to combine these three things into one. It’s my ultimate class and so I thought it would resonate with all the other women out there trying to wear lots of hats.

What do you hope to help students take away from an Elements class?
A little sweat, a little sculpting, and a little stillness. I hope they walk away feeling like they’ve just moved their bodies to nourish, not punish themselves. It really sneaks up on you the next day, but in the moment, it just feels lovely!

What does the future of Elements and your programs look like?
I truly feel mindful movement is the way of the future. We already live such busy, stressful lives that high intensity exercise just increases our stress hormones and cortisol levels. I hope to bring back a little joy in movement – with a strong dash of toning, of course!