I Went Vegan for 3 weeks, Here’s Why it’s Not for Me

As previously written for and published by bodyandsoul.com.au.

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.

It seems nearly every day there is a headline making news about a scandal surrounding veganism in some way or another. A few short weeks ago, vocal vegan Ariana Grande made waves with her Starbucks collaboration drink debut, as the main component of the drink is made from egg whites. This week, we’re seeing apologies flood in from Yovana Mendoza Ayres, the vegan lifestyle YouTube star of Rawvana, who was just caught on film eating fish. As for me? I just happened to wrap up an intense three-week yoga teacher training course deep in Costa Rica’s jungle, and was (reluctantly) put on a vegan diet, too. The thing is, much like Grande and Mendoza Ayres, veganism is seemingly not for me.

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