I Went To Elite Athlete Boot Camp And Now I’m Totally Hooked

As previously written for and published by whimn.com.au.

There is seldom a New Year’s resolution that doesn’t include health or fitness goals in some form or another: drop a few kilos, commit to a regular gym regime, cut out booze/ sugar/ late night snacking/ pizza/ all joy derived from food…. And then comes the influx of programs that promise quick results with little to no effort and it all just seems like enough to want to give up before even beginning.

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

With the help of Founder and Director of Better Being, Greg Stark, all my fitness and health goals were miraculously achieved after completing the eight week Better You program to finish off 2018 strong, and to my very surprise, with less effort than I initially envisioned I’d have to really put in. Dedication was key, but I found myself excited to push forward and really dive in head first to the program, which I can truthfully say is not always the case when I embark on a new diet or workout plan.

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