Focus T25: Beachbody’s Easy Way to Get Fit

Beachbody has been made famous with hardcore, mega intense workout programs like P90X and Insanity. Surely, incredibly results can be achieved, but for average, non-insane exercisers, the program can be too extreme and impossible to stay committed to. Enter Focus T25 from Beachbody’s own Shaun T, who also created Insanity and Insanity Asylum. Cramming a powerful, non-stop workout into 25 minutes, this program promises results as quick as the workouts themselves, which is pleasingly achieved — the workouts are quick, but hard, meaning they’re still super effective.

Shaun T's Not Kidding

Shaun T’s Not Kidding

Many folks are far too busy to commit to an hour or more at the gym, and the T25 workout regime taps into that lifestyle and solves the problem in a snap. Believed that the program was specifically created for the fitness-loving but way-too busy Beachbody CEO, (a problem many of us suffer from, even if we’re not CEO’s) the program was designed knowing no matter how difficult fitting in exercise can be, anyone can squeeze in 25 minutes.

The entire program is comprised of 11 workouts, each on their own DVD for maximum ease. Two phases, the Alpha and Beta, are to be done in consecutive order starting with the slightly easier Alpha phase. With a calendar included of your workout schedule, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Day 1, cardio: check! The calendar also has a ‘STATurday’ column to log your process, as well as two boxes below each workout: one says ‘nailed it’, the other, ‘barely made it’. This visually helps get you through the workouts, knowing the more work you put in, the more ‘nailed it’ boxes you’ll be able to check off (and look better and better doing it). Also included for maximum workout pleasure (and results!) are resistance bands.

The Alpha Workout Calendar

The Alpha Workout Calendar

Mixing up the workouts everyday and rotating what day each workout is done week-to-week ensures there is no boredom and makes the program easy to succeed with. In addition to the easy to follow schedule, the program includes a ‘Get it Done Nutrition’ booklet that takes the guesswork out of what to eat during the program, and for a fast track jumpstart, a five-day meal-plan is included to get you going as well. Summer is around the corner, so get working on your Beachbody now!